make money as a teenager

Are you a teenager and want to make money of your own? Are you looking for ways to make money as a teenager? You are not alone. Almost every teenager want to earn some extra money and don’t want to rely on pocket money. Teenagers need money to cover expenses for clothes, entertainment costs, and to save up for cars, college fee and other big purchases. However, they want fun ways to earn dollars. We absolutely understand you.

Make Money As A Teenager: Ways To Make Money

There are an almost uncountable number of ways to make money especially if you are a teenager. These ways include both online and offline ways. Look at these 15 ways to make money as a teenager. See, if any of these suits you to add some dollars to your saving accounts or can pay for anything you need or want.

1- Web Searching

There are several legit sites where people are getting paid for browsing the Internet and doing other stuff. The earned points after completing the given tasks are put into a bank and can redeem for gift cards to be used on Amazon or at local and online stores such as Walmart, Target and Old Navy. One of those sites is Swagbucks. It allows you to make money as a teenager for things you want. The best thing about this site is you can join this absolutely free.

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2- House Cleaning

make money as a teenager

Many people in different living conditions are looking for someone to clean their homes. Although the trend of traditional cleaning services prevails which is costly. Therefore, people are interested to hire teenagers to clean their homes for a reasonable price. If you are good at cleaning and have the ability to handle mess then house cleaning might be right for you. If you are really interested to make money by this way, then before getting started to make a list of types of the cleaning services you are going to provide. For instance, will you clean kitchens and bathrooms? will you dust, vacuum and clean windows etc?

Whatever cleaning service you are providing, make sure you are expert at that. Never forget the safety aspects while cleaning. You must have all the required equipment for cleaning. For example, you might want to rule out cleaning window exteriors that require the need for a ladder.

In the next stage, decide hourly rates. Professional maid cleaning services usually charge $25 to $35 an hour. Remember, if you can do your work quickly, thoroughly and charge $15 an hour, you are simply giving potential clients a reason to hire you over a traditional maid service.

3- Make Money With Smartphone

There are companies which pay you for playing games, taking surveys, downloading apps, and watching videos on your smartphone. One of those sites is Inbox Dollars. Just like Swagbucks, this site is also free to join.

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4- Paper Route

When my younger brother was only 13 years old, he got his 1st paper route. After six months he had enough money to buy a new stereo system and really expensive Christmas gifts for every one of us. If you really want to make money, contact local papers in order to know that either they have any paper delivery routes available in your area. Likewise, you can check out local newspaper’s employment section for advertisement searching out paper delivery workers.

5- Babysit

make money as a teenager

Do you love kids? Are there young kids in your neighboring area or extended family members that are looking for kid care? If yes, then you must offer you babysitting services to make some money that way. You can offer to babysit on weekends, nights. You can also offer babysit services during summer when the parents are at work and the kids are out of school. This job is especially for those teenagers who are responsible, mature and enjoying being with kids.

6- Run a Farmer’s Market Stand

A number of local farmers charge money when youngsters set up a stand. However, they prefer to allow kids to do this for free of cost. In case, you have a small area in your yard where you can grow vegetables to sell’s at a farmer’s market. You can also sell baked products or foods at farmer’s market. Before selling baked goods or specialty foods, check your state’s laws about farmer’s market foods. As many states’ food laws don’t apply to farmer’s market booths.

7- Pet Sit

Another amazing way to make money as a teenager is pet sitting. Many people want a person to take care of their pet while they are at work or out of the station. They don’t want to let their pet alone. There are people who need pet care for pets when they are on vacation.  The amount of time it takes to pet sit depends on the type of pet. Dogs usually require constant care. You can provide pet sitting services either at owner’s home or at your own home. While cats and fish may just require that you check in on them twice a day.

Just like cleaning house services, 1st decide which types of pets you will sit for. Also, decide price according to the time you will spend every day caring for the pet.

8- House Sit

Do you know any friend, family member or neighbor who is going on vacation? They may need a house sitter to make sure that their home isn’t vacant while they’re on vacation. Depending on what they exactly want, house-sitting clients may ask you to be there for a few hours a day. They may ask you to live in the house for the whole time they’re gone. Make sure you get clear instructions about what type of house sitting they’ll want before agreeing to take the job.

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9- Dog Walking

Another way to make money as a teenager is by helping animals. If you are looking for a less time-intensive job, you can offer dog walking services. A number of people don’t have time to walk their dogs. However, they want their dogs to get a plenty of exercises. For that, they pay a decent hourly rate to the person who walks their dog a few times a week. A well-organized schedule will help you keep track of your dog walking job services.

10- Wash Cars

Busy people usually don’t have time to wash their vehicles. However, you can earn a decent amount of cash for washing cars. The equipment you need to wash cars includes a bucket, soap, rags to wash with and towels to dry with. In case you are offering cleaning of the car’s interior, you need to get some window cleaner and paper towels. Most of the times, car’s owner allows you to use their house, water, and vacuum for vacuuming the interior of the car. It is quite good to you comes to their house instead of them having to make an extra stop at a car wash service center. Figure out how long it will take to wash the car and then offer an appealing rate that still gives you a good hourly wage.

11- Sell Baked Foods/Lemonade/Water Bottles

There are numerous places where you can sell snacks and drinks to local residents. Some of the ideas are busy street corners and outside of public baseball parks. Such types of small business are particularly successful during busy event times or summer times. You have seen several vendors whenever you go to the local state fairgrounds, selling bottled water and other packaged snacks. This sort of business is usually successful when you charge enough to cover the cost f the product you are selling plus enough to make you a profit for your hours of work as well.

12- Organize Garage or Homes

One of the easiest ways to make money as a teenager is organizing garages or homes. If you cherish organizing things, you can start your business of organizing people’s garages or homes. Many people want to organize their home or garage but they are not sure where to start. When offering your services, take a thorough look at the job that needs to be done and determine how many hours it will take you. Then fix desired hourly rate and make that your offered price for the job.

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13- Classes At Home

make money as a teenager

Do you have any talent such as drawing, painting, or dancing? Then why not to hold classes for neighborhood kids in your yard or home. The classes can be one-time deals or can be held for several days in a row. If you’re going to teach a class to kids, you’ll need to create an itinerary that will teach them what they want to know and keep them busy for the entire class time. Make sure that the class fee makes it worth your time and is easily affordable for parents.

14- Sell Your Stuff

If your storage area, basement, and the closet are loaded with outfits, accessories, games, and toys you no longer need or use, consider selling them on any online store to make money as a teenager.  You can sell your stuff online on Craigslist or on your Facebook account. The general rule for selling used stuff is to charge 10 percent of the retail cost. You can charge even more for larger items such as gaming items, bicycles or other sports equipment that is in good condition. Price your things decently for a faster deal, and get ready to deal with clients. You can also ask your parents to sell their used stuff for a commission acquiring as well.

15- Turn Your Hobbies Into Cash

Do you have a hobby that can make you money? Are you good at drawing or logo making or web designing or videos making or writing etc?

Make a list of the talents or skills you have and use them to make money. One of the best biggest digital marketplace to sell talent and skills is Fiverr. Here, you can sell services from $5 you offer.  To become a successful seller of Fiverr, you need to charge an attractive price to potential clients while making sure you are getting paid at a fair rate. At the start, the money you make might be less than you were expecting but if people like your work and offered gigs your services become more in demand. You will earn a lot more.

There are numerous ways for teens to make money other than these. They can make money easily with some hard work and creativity. Teenagers can make some serious cash in no time. How you find this make money as a teenager post, please share your thoughts with us in the comment section. I would love to hear you.

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