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Great Ways To Make Money Online As A Teen

Every year, a number of high schools and college students look for some great ways to make money online during summer vacations. There is no doubt that the internet has several ways to make money but they are not paying much. In other words, there are not much decent paying jobs available for teenagers, particularly in a tough economic condition.

Fortunately, there are few great websites that offer different jobs for teenagers to make money online. Online jobs are the easiest and fastest ways to make money over the years especially for teens that are disciplined and responsible.

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Great Ways To Make Money Online As A Teen

Frankly speaking, teenagers have a variety of skills that are quite useful on the internet. Teens with writing skills can earn hassle-free money from the comfort of their homes. There are online jobs for teenagers that have the knowledge of programming and can write web pages. Teenagers can make money online if they are good at making crafts or collecting antiques.

Searching for online money making opportunities usually involves wading through a pile of junk and scams. This post will help teens to find the great opportunities on the web that offer easy income for teenagers.

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1- Great Ways To Make Money Online: Sell Things Online

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One of the easiest and greatest ways for teenagers to make money fast is to sell things online. This way is especially easy if you have a mountain of junk in your storeroom just collecting dust. Sell your things online to make some extra cash.

As a teen, you may think that you don’t have anything worthy to sell. However, you will be surprised to know that you can sell old video games, game consoles, and old books for more than you expect on eBay.

In case you don’t have anything to sell, you can ask your parents to give you $100 to $200. In starter funds, you can go to AuctionZip, look for an antique near you, purchase few box and lot of vintage goods and sell them on eBay for profit.

This is how I start making money on the internet years ago. That’s the reason I know that it works. Selling things online take time as you have to travel to antiques, carrying stuff around, photographing, listing and packaging. However, if you love selling antique, you will enjoy this work.

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Even if you don’t have any idea about antiques and not interested to go to auctions, you can consider making crafts, signs, pins, and electronics and selling them on Etsy. Teens under 18 can sell the thing on Etsy. Hence, you don’t need your parents to manage your accounts.

Another popular place to sell things online is Craigslist. There you can sell antiques, crafts and anything else you want to sell. Craigslist is a go-to website. You can hunt form apartment to car buying and everything in between. Become a seller there and you will get a number a people want to buy your stuff.

2- Great Ways to Make Money: Write Article

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The Internet offers a decent amount of money for the teenagers that have excellent writing skills. You just need to set these to take that amount. You make take writing a full-time job but what could be better than rolling out of bed at 11 in the morning and going to job in your sleeping dress? Sounds too good? Put on your pajamas and check out these online writing opportunities.


At this website, you can write as much article as you want and put them up for sale. The prices for new articles on this site range from between $2 – $7. However, once you gain experience and sales, prices will go up automatically as people recognize experience. The major drawback of this website is that you need to sit around waiting for your articles to sell. There is no guarantee that all of your articles will sell.

  • Constant Content

Another writing website is Constant Contact. There, you can post your articles for sale to potential buyers. Articles are selling at around $20 to $25 for usage. It means that the buyers just buy rights to publish once, but doesn’t own the copyright. For full copyrights, buyers can buy the article for a range $40 to $100. Usually, the buyers prefer usage rights. As prices are higher, you have to sell your articles by making the summary field pretty compelling.

  • Sponsored Reviews

If you don’t cherish writing a random article, you can consider writing reviews for Sponsored Reviews. To engage with this site, you need to have your own already established website or a blog. Typically, Sponsored Reviews serves as the middleman to get your companies willing to sponsor content on your blog. They pay through Sponsored Reviews and you publish the review article on your blog or website. In case you don’t have your own blog or website, still, you can make money by writing articles on the internet.

  • Demand Studios

If you are new to writing field, you have to take start writing for websites that pay bottom-dollar for articles. One of these websites is Demand Studios. You apply here and most of the time to get accepted as an author. Here, you have to wade through long lists of really weird and bizarre topics to look for one that you can figure out how to write about. One former Demand Studios author explained the experience as follows:

“The cold, hard truth about online writing is that you have to start somewhere and that somewhere means writing really boring articles for peanuts and lots of them. Once you build a reputation and a large online profile of articles, your name alone can earn you much more per article, but this takes years.”

  • Writers Domain

These are one of the sites that pay you better. For instance, Writers Domain pays $15 to $17.50 for a standard, unique and high-quality article. This would happen after passing the application process.

This is really unfair to assume that you don’t have the writing skills or experience to achieve higher-paying writing gigs just because you are a teenager. You might be successfully running your own blog for a couple of years. That’s basically an experience that helps you getting writing jobs easily.

  • ProBlogger

One of the best places to monitor daily new online writing gigs is the jobs board at ProBlogger. There you get everything from publishing agents and publishing companies to magazine article job postings and even writing contests. Every day spend some of your time writing for some of the opportunities found here. You never know, you may become one of the youngest published authors in your community.

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3- Great Ways To Make Money Online: Programmer

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If you are expert in any programming language, you can spend your spare time doing programming freelance jobs to make money online. You might be wondering that where to find freelance work. You need to be very careful while visiting websites as most of them are useless or flat out scams.

  • Upwork

Don’t get panic. There are several legitimate websites where people and organizations post jobs that you can bid on. One of those sites is Upwork. Upwork is the type of site where freelancers will spend a good part of their days searching online job opportunities and bidding. To get a project, you either need to bid on each listed project, very low on the work, or you need to have an established profile of previous jobs with high ratings. If you are a newbie to this field, prepare yourself to practically work for free if you want to grab the attention of good clients.

If you do excellent work for your clients at a low rate, they will hook on the uniqueness and quality of your work. Later, when they as for more work, you can suggest a small pay increase continue. Most of the time, clients are happy to pay a bit more once they are satisfied with the quality of your work.

  • Flexjobs

Flexjobs is another site to browse, bids on really good jobs and makes money online. This site isn’t free. The site charge approximately $14.95 per month to establish and maintain an account where you can browse the jobs. However, in return, you get listings of truly outstanding jobs from trustworthy employers who are ready to pay a little bit more for the work. This site is basically dedicated to people who want to work from the comfort of their home. So, if you want to use it, be sure you are devoted to working full days and doing exceptional quality work for the clients. Soon, you will realize that you have established a very respectable at-home business.

  • Fiverr

This is certain that teens have no interest in sitting at home and doing 8 hours a day work. Sometimes they want a do a quick task and get paid. They want to make money as soon as possible, go for shopping and spend time with pals. In that case, Fiverr is the best site for teenagers.

The site is quite easy to use and simple. All you need to do is to decide and post the jobs you are willing to do for $5. You can sell everything you are good at. People looking for temporary work will find your listing and hire you to do that job for them.

Here you get the job without having to bid or begging for it. Make sure that your write-up of what you’ll do for $5 is thorough and clear and well-written. This will increase the odds of landing great jobs and building a client base.

  • iFreelance

Another great way to make money online is iFreelance site. Jobs are posted there on daily basis. Make sure you watch out the listing daily and bid on as many jobs as you feel you can do. At the start, you won’t get most of them, but bidding will increase your chances of landing at least one job. One is enough to add one more client to your list.

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Rake In The Dough: Work Hard And Stay Persistent

One of the basic ingredients of success and to make money online is to stay persistent.  Never give up even when it looks like you will never land that 1st gig or it seems like you are making a lot of money.

Post your articles regularly on the royalty paying websites. Constantly bid on freelance projects. Within a short time span, you will come to know that you have more work than you know what to do with. If you make your mind to work 8 hours a day per week, you will be able to save more money than you were expecting to earn.

As a teenager have you ever any experience of making money from the websites listed in this article? Are there any good online opportunities missing? Share your thoughts in the comment section given below. Thank you!

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