8 Easy Ways To Make Money As A Teenager

On this page, you’ll discover the 8 easy ways to make money as a Teenager. You can make money online in your extra time while at college based on your own experience. I’ll continue adding better approaches to this page. So, proceed and bookmark it. What’s more, kindly do share your own particular thoughts in the comment section given below.

Ways To Make Money As A Teenager

Are you looking for easy ways to make money online for teens? You are at the right place.  As I said earlier in today’s article I’m sharing top best and easy ways to make money online.  But why here?

College students and teens are full of energy. They are extremely creative and more willing to take risks. Therefore, they are perfect individuals for looking new exciting ways to make money.

The internet is providing unlimited opportunities to teenagers to make extra cash in their spare time. There are no requirements or obligations for working online. They are only judged by the creativity, quality and the relevance of their work.

Essentially, the internet is providing an opportunity for teenagers to productively spend their free time. The Internet is also the platform where they can monetize their hobbies, passion, skills, and talent.

An important thing to remember that internet is full of scam these days. Still, it has numerous opportunities that teens can take advantages.

My objective is to help you to avoid scams and provide you a list of easy ways to make money online for teens.

1- Set Up A Website or Start A  Blog

Easy Ways To Make Money As A TeenagerOne of the easy and best ways to make money as a teenager is by setting up a website. Develop a website around one of your passions or hobbies. This is also my favorite way to make money online.

Setting up a website sound easy, yet it might be a daunting task especially if you don’t have the guidance that you need.

I will recommend you to get started with affiliate websites.

People are making a lot of money through blogging. A blog is often known as a weblog. It is just like a website that contains ongoing chronicles of information that attracts a particular niche.

A fully developed blog usually features dairy type commentaries and links which are related to other website’s articles.

Teenagers and college students can easily start a blog. All they need is basic information on blogging and selecting the subject they have the knowledge and passionate about. The good thing is that starting a blog is 100% free.

Once a blog gets a reasonable number of visitors, it gradually starts making money through affiliate programs. Other ways to make money from blogging is selling simple digital products, for instance, digital books, videos, and images that can be beneficial to others.

2- Make Money Via YouTube

make money online as a teenagerOne of the easy ways to make money online as a teenager is via  YouTube. You can make money with less effort just making a YouTube channel, creating eye-catching and intriguing videos on the topics which are your favorite. And then, upload those videos on the channel.

All you need to start a successful career on YouTube is selecting a fascinating topic that has the ability to grab audience’s attention. However, few most famous topics include cooking, sports, and video games.

After uploading the video to YouTube and connect it to Adsense. So, you can make money through ads. To drive traffic to a YouTube channel, you may have to advertise it through social media platforms.

The Thumb rule is, “the more traffic, the more the advertisements a YouTube channel gets”.

3- Sell Products Online

make money online as a teenagerSelling products online is arguably one of the most common ways to make money as a teenager.

It’s a popular misconception that selling products online is a place for fully mature and established brands. However, it’s not true. It is also a goldmine for creative and enterprising teenagers.

The most famous online stores that assist an entrepreneur access to unlimited clientele base are Amazon and E-bay.

Teenagers and college students can easily make a lot of money just by selling products on Amazon and e-Bay. To earn more profit, you can also buy products at low rates and then sell them at higher prices.

It also provides an opportunity to talented teenagers to showcase and their merchandise. Such as, teenagers that can draw, paint, make jewelry and design, cloths can sell their products online at a fair price that can make them a reasonable amount of money.

4- Surveys

ways to make money online for teens

One of the easy ways to make money as a teenager is doing online surveys.  It is also one of the simplest of the easy ways for teenagers to make money online. 

Online surveys only need a teenager to answer their simple questions. You just have to provide your personal unbiased opinions related to products that are sold online by the company in question.

Teens can make a considerable amount of cash on the daily basis simply by reviewing products.

Essentially, simply reviewing products can earn teenagers a considerable amount of money on a daily basis. Paid online surveys are the teenager-friendly gig as they need no extensive effort or knowledge. Teens are making around $500-$3500 per month.

5- Website Testing

make money as a teenager

All the teenagers and college students who have knowledge about websites can join sites such as Userlytics and can make money. In order to make money from website testing, you need to have a webcam to record reactions.

The tasks include speaking your thoughts about a site out loud on a webcam. The payment per website testing is about $10. A single review can take 10 to 20 minutes and it solely depends on the website being tested.  The average deadline for these tasks ranges about 2 to 3 hours.

6- Online Writing

make money as a teenager

Teenagers who cherish writing can transfer they love for writing into a money making way. Age doesn’t matter if you provide quality content and meet client expectations.

Teens can take advantage of their erratic sleeping habits that can make them create schedules. This schedule in turns favors online writing.

Creative writing is a skill that can be tailored provided a teen is committed, determined, and hard working. Some best online writing websites include Iwriter.comScripted.comWriterbay.com and many others.

If you want to succeed in online writing, it is recommended to research and try out the different website and decide which one best for you.

7- Qmee

make money as a teenager

Teenagers can make money online on this website by simply viewing advertisements while performing searches on Yahoo, Google, Amazon, e-Bay, and Bing. In case, an advertisement grabs your attention, you just tap on the click and get paid according to the amount indicated.

If an ad grabs your attention, you simply click on it and get paid according to the indicated amount. It is simple as that, However, payments are given via PayPal.

8- Swagbucks

make money as a teenager

Teenagers can simply make money online by doing daily activities.  On Swagbucks, you can earn by performing activities such as online shopping, searching the web and watching videos.

You earn points for every activity you perform. However, these points either be converted into instant cash paid via PayPal or gift card.

Currently, Swagbucks is only available in the US, UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, and Germany.

Turn Your Energy into online career today.

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