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10 Ways For Teenagers To Make Money In 2018

Are you tired of spending your free time uselessly as you have nothing to do? Are you looking for a startup to make money? Do you want to satisfy your inner independent guy?

Well! Here are some “make money online” ideas you can use to get easy money. These online ways of getting money can be done anywhere, anytime, at home, in a queue waiting for something where you can get an extra minute.

The best part of online working is that you already have skills to do your job. You just have to find a suitable job according to your interest. Keep in mind that these ways will not get u richer by time but surely will get you enough money to sort your expenses well. Nowadays, as discussed before, it is quite easy to earn money online while doing your routine work. However, most of these ways require the user to be 18 or older.

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10 Ways For Teenagers To Make Money

The common ways to make money online include

  • Playing game
  • Surfing websites
  • Shopping (by earning cash back)
  • Doing educational or informative online public surveys
  • Performing easy website tasks regarding website testing
  • Answering polls
  • Offering online tuition
  • Constructing blogs
  • Designing and Launching websites
  • Creating apps
  • Offering consultation on social media
  • Being virtual assistant of blogs and websites

Here is the brief review of the types of online jobs and related websites.

1- Online tutor

It will be applicable only if you have deep knowledge of a subject or two. It also requires being old enough to deliver your concepts. Few websites are,, and

2- Surveys and surfing

If you have interest in taking surveys, watching videos, providing required tests regarding newly launched applications and getting your cash back by online purchasing then here are few famous websites for these.,, Vindale Research and Another website is SurveySavvy that is the website for the teens who really want to make money online. They have many members and held usual common surveys and surely worth checking out.

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3- Website designing

Web designing is always in demand. If anyone knows how to design a professional website will surely get paid for it. However, as in every startup, the beginner cannot expect to earn a lot and it requires time. After you have developed a good and professional looking portfolio and experience you would be paid more.

4- Creating mobile applications

Mobile users have access to thousands of applications for both Android and IOS today. So, it is quite difficult to come up with an idea utterly new in application world. However, it is better to bring new features and ideas in already existing applications. Also developing new apps requires a lot of hard work in marketing but if you are interested in it you can consult various articles and tutorials.

5- Being a social media consultant

If you are interested in social media, obviously everyone is, and have enough insight to gain more followers and attract people and also have command of software processing then you are definitely a thing of consultation. You can consider yourself to sell your services to other people, small business, and other private organizations.

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6- Unleash your inner writer

Multiple websites need the content writer all the time, is the agency that hires the content writers are pay for their published writings. This agency also hires teens as well however there are also other websites e.g., and that hire content writers one just has to be connected and persistent in this job.

7- Be a coder, earn faster

Coders are estimated to become the highest paid freelancers in next decades.  So one can assume this field to be worthy of his time investment. is providing the paid jobs for coders.

8- Become a mock juror for cases

There is a site where you can act as the mock jury for the lawyers to give them the idea of their position in a case. You will be paid for this and if you are interested then try

9- Sell your skills and craft

Many people see comfort being at home and rejoicing their skill of crafting but needing money at the same time. So, the good news is you can satisfy your inner crafter and make money online by selling your crafts. is the most popular site which is easy and quick to open where millions of people are getting paid. Since crafting is widely popular and used skill so there are more than 40 sites specifically dedicated to crafts selling and making money i.e.,,, etc.

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10- Sell your old stuff

Your newly made crafts are not the only thing that you will be selling anymore online. A number of websites are available that help the users to buy and sell the old electronics, clothes, furniture, and jewelry., Dendritic.coom,,,, and are the sites where you can get a high bid for your stuff.


As mentioned above there are many available online ways by which you can make money and be an independent teen while hanging out with your fellows. This will be your startup.  If you want to establish in this filed and grow further or if you want to make it your true earning source you need to focus more, give proper time and be regular.

This means that you need to be persistent in posting the articles and conducting the surveys. Stay in contact with your earning source even during the time when you think that you are not earning well and not getting your first gig. Keep posting the articles, bidding on freelance projects constantly, conducting the surveys of your assigned job. Stay loyal but diverse with your consultation and keep writing the reviews.

But one thing is to remember that never stick to the one source. Always keep searching the better bids, projects, an option because being human also means to grow. The online world is a virtual word but by utilizing its beneficial aspect one can earn actual money. Please visit Make Money As Teenager to read related articles.  Share your thoughts in comments below. We would love to hear you.

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